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We have set up a Kickstarter to get our project up and going with some funding backing us. This will allow us to achieve our goals of creating an ecosystem of wearable payment methods. Below is a description we used in our Kickstarter.


We have fundraised to get our idea off the ground. We need the money for product development and software development to get up chips to connect to the software that we will be developing. Any amount of contribution or funding will be greatly appreciated In achieving this goal. We will be focusing on getting the Chips to connect to the terminal where our systems work in a way people are able to buy and use them.


The Soluwrist wristband will be a fashion accessory allowing you to pay with your wrist via payWave. These bands will allow you to pay at any terminal that has payWave support with just a flick of your wrist. Our bands will connect to an app that we will develop that will connect to the bands allowing you to connect your credit card to the chip inside. Our idea is wristbands will have a chip that can connect to the payWave terminals allowing the customer to pay with their wrist just like Apple Pay on Apple Watches. Our POD from the Apple watch and Purewrist is that the chips can be removed from the band and be placed into another band easily. Allowing the user to swap bands color, and design and even allowing them to turn classic watches into payWave watches will be our next goal.


In New Zealand, there are a ton of contactless payment options you can use at a store, I’d say nearly every store you go into has that feature. I came up with the idea because when looking at people trying to pay for their items it takes a lot of time for them to just find their credit card out of the handbag or their wallet, especially for the elderly. When I was looking at this I saw that there was Apple Pay with the Apple watches that were available but at minimum, you would have to spend 400NZD just to get that feature. So I thought to myself what about a device that is affordable for the average consumer that allows them to pay with their wrist just as you would with Apple Pay. A device that is stylish allows the user to swap bands and designs in less than 30 seconds. 


We come from a city called Christchurch in New Zealand. My name is Lawson Davey, I came up with the idea of having a payment chip inside a wristband. We decided as a group that this would be a good business idea for the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) that we’re taking part in. In our group, we have Joey Young who races Grass Karts and is a musician who has created many songs of his own. We also have Tom Goodfellow, who’s a gamer and really enjoys the gym. Finally, we have me, Lawson Davey, I am also a gamer and I’ve always been a bit of an entrepreneur who’s been interested in inventing something new and starting a business.

What can you use this for?

Once we are all sorted with getting our chips to connect to the payment terminal will start developing watch straps that connect to Rolexes omegas and many other famous watch brands they will allow you to turn your classic stylish watch into a device that allows you to pay with it allowing you to show off your jewelry more. We will also like to start developing other wearables like rings clip-on devices that go on to existing jewelry etc. 

Classic Watches

What we want.

We hope to create a world where gone of the days of the plastic card in your wallet to the world where everything is on your person all the time. Creating everything more wearable. Creating those wearable devices that look ugly and tacky into a fashionable statement that make it not look like a technological device but more like a classy item of jewelry.

Risks and challenges

Potential risks we have are the chips all connected to the payment terminal but will overcome these problems by developing other alternatives that will allow us to achieve our goal.

Environmental commitments

Long-lasting design

We will make sure that our bands are made from the highest quality material that is not damaging to the planet we will make sure that these bands we lost at a min of five years with basic use.

Sustainable materials

Well make sure that our bands are made from the most sustainable material

Environmentally friendly factories

We will create and produce our bands out of the best material possible for the planet. If our community does not like the material that we were using we will strongly consider changing materials to make it more suitable for the consumer to make sure they feel comfortable wearing out the bands

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