Change the way we pay!

Change the way we pay!


Solurwrist is here to make payments quicker and easier, “Bring Pay to your Wrist”. We want to make a payment wristband that allows the user to pay via pay wave at a terminal with the ease of waving the wrist. we want to make payments quick and more viable for everyone. Don’t you hate it when you can’t find your card at the checkout and you have a queue of people staring and looking at you in disgust? well with Soluwrist we are developing a payment band that makes the time you have to look for your card only take 0 seconds. There will no longer be a wait at the checkout.

Our Story

We come from a city called Christchurch in New Zealand. My name is Lawson Davey, I came up with the idea of having a payment chip inside a wristband. We decided as a group that this would be a good business idea for the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) that we’re taking part in. In our group, we have Joey Young who races Grass Karts and is a musician who has created many songs of his own. We also have Tom Goodfellow, who’s a gamer and really enjoys the gym. Finally, we have myself, Lawson Davey, I am also a gamer and I’ve always been a bit of an entrepreneur who’s been interested in starting an official business.


As we set off on our business journey we have some road bumps and struggles to get over but we won’t let that stop us from getting what we want. A future where payment cards are on your wrist.

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